Cement Bag Counter With Keypad Unit

SMARTsaa offers range of Cement Bag Counters for use in packing section and dispatch section of cement plants. These counters are provided with large size bright display for making them suitable for viewing from distance. Bags moving on conveyor can be counted and display of total bags can be made available at required location. If required this count can be transferred to remote location with MODBUS connectivity.

These counters are used for application like Cement Bag Counter, Pouch Counter, Totaliser Counter, Batch Counter, Box Counter, Product Counter, Shift Counter, Rate Counter, Large Size Display Counter and many more.

The input count pulse for this counter is received from switch or sensor which is specifically offered for counting the product.  Various types of sensors are available like Inductive Proximity Switch, Photo Switch, Infrared Sensor, Ultrasonic Switch, encoder pulse or a potential free contact.




  • Product Code : SMARTsaa BagCount
  • Display Height : ½ inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch or customer specific
  • No of Display : Single Display, Double Display for Tantalizer Counter
  • Mounting : Wall Mounting or hanging type with eye bolt
  • Input : From Sensor or switch
  • Range : 4 Digits, 6 Digits, 8 Digits
  • Supply : 110 V AC, 230 V AC
  • Memory Back Up : Provided for batch counter
  • Reset : With push button on front or with hanging type key pad
  • Key Pad :  Additional hanging key pad can also be provided for setting batch value or resetting the counter