Level Switches & Transmitters

Level Switches & Transmitters for Liquid and Slurry

Level measurement plays vital role in process industries. SMARTsaa offers solutions from simple point level switch to radar Level Transmitter

  • Cable Float Switch
  • Vertically Guided magnetic Float Switch for liquids and chemicals
  • Electro optic Level Switch for liquids
  • Conductivity Level Switch
  • Compact Vibrating fork level Switch for Liquids
  • Fuel Level Transmitters for Diesel and Chemical
  • Capacitance Level transmitters for Liquids
  • Magnetic Float level Transmitter for Liquid


Level Switches & Transmitters for Powder, Granules & Bulk Solid

With our vast experience in heavy material handling industries we came out with advanced level switches designed for ad

verse industrial area use. Level switches for level measurement in bunkers, hoppers and silos for coal, coke, cement, fly ash, lime stone, powder, grains, urea and many more.


  • Vibrating Fork Level Switch for powder & grain
  • Vibrating Rod Level Switch
  • Compact RF Level Switch for all materials
  • Chute Block Switch
  • Boot level Switch
  • RF Admittance Level Switches for Hopers and Bunkers
  • RF Admittance Level switch with I am working feedback
  • Advanced Calibrating Free RF Admittance Level Switch with Self Diagnostic features
  • Diaphragm – Membrane Level switch for free flowing powder
  • Rotating Paddle level Switch
  • Level Switch for Plastic Granules
  • NOGS Coal Ash Sensors for ESP Hoppers
  • Radar level Transmitters
  • Electromechanical Silo Level Measurement System –Plummer Bob Level Transmitter