Safety Switches and Products for Conveyor & Machine Safety

SMARTsaa offers complete safety and control instruments for Conveyors, Rotating Machines, Cranes, Crushers & Heavy equipment’s.

SMARTsaa Safety Pull Cord Switches – Door Interlock Switches:

SMARTsaa is pioneer in designing Additional Safety Pull Cord-Rope Switch for use on conveyors and machines. It overcomes limitations of conventional Pull Cord Switches and offers complete safety to operators. This switch offers following advantages over conventional Pull Cord Switch

  • Operates when Rope is pulled
  • Also operates when rope is slack , broken, stolen and offers additional safety to operators
  • Higher rope span and reduces required number of switches on conveyors
  • Less maintenance as less number of field switches
  • Higher Enclosure Protection Grade – IP 67
  • Available with Separate Junction Box , Local healthy / Operated LED Indication
  • Additional Local Push Button on the switch
  • Confirms to international safety standards

 Additional Safety Conveyor Safety Switches

  1. Safety Pull Rope / Pull Cord Switches with rope break detection
  2. Conveyor Guard Sensor Switch
  3. Accessories for Safety Pull Cord Switch

Products for Machine Safety

  1. Door Interlock Safety switches for Machine safety
  2. Safety Light Curtains
  3. Emergency Stop Switches for machines
  4. Safety Pull Rope Switches
  5. Anti Collision Switch for EOT Cranes and Paddle Feeders

Conventional Conveyor Safety Switches:

Conventional Conveyor Safety Switches and Control Instruments

  • Pull Cord Switch
  • Belt Sway Switch
  • Limit Switches
  • Heavy Duty Limit Switch
  • Damaged Belt detector
  • Zero Speed Switch
  • Zero Speed Switch with Digital Display
  • Combined –Compact Speed Switch in Sensor Housing
  • Belt Misalignment Switch for Bucket Elevator
  • Bucket Sway Detector for Bucket Elevator
  • Flameproof safety Switches