Pull Switch – Pull Cord Switch, designed, manufactured and exported by SMARTsaa is heavy duty emergency switch used to stop the conveyor belt in the case of an emergency.  Contact operation can be used for conveyor stopping as well as audio visual alarm. 2 NO+ 2 NC contact is provided by Pull Switch.

Heavy Duty Pull Switch is having dust and weatherproof cast aluminum enclosure with IP 65 Grade of protection. Robust contacts are used to give longer life. Handle fitted with spring steel rings at both ends for fixing the rope. Enclosure is epoxy painted to give high corrosion resistance. The switch is having manual reset type of mechanism. Pull Switch  is mounted on the walkway side  of  the  conveyor  belt, preferably  at about every 30 meters of the length. Rope is tied to the end rings of the handle. When the rope is pulled from any side, the switch is operated. Pull switch is manual reset type. Reliable and trouble free  operation is ensured by Pull Switch.

Following models are available:

PC 101: Pull Switch with 1 NO + 1 NC contact

PC 202: Pull Switch with 2 NO + 2 NC contact

All above Pull Switches are field mounting having IP 65 enclosure, available in various other enclosures materials to suite site conditions:

C: Pull Switch Cast Aluminum Enclosure, Whether proof, Field Mounting

D: Pull Switch in FRP Enclosure   

CI: Pull Switch in Cast Cast Iron Enclosure

F:  Pull Switch in Flameproof enclosure for use in hazardous area

Optional Accessories:

PCW: Pull Switch Rope

TS:  Pull Switch with Terminal Strip inside the switch

JB:  Pull Switch with Separate Junction Box with terminal strip for ease of wiring

MF:  Pull Switch with mechanical flag indication

IL:   Pull Switch with Neon Indicator / with LED Indicating Lamp for location indicator of operated switch

CG: Pull Switch with Cable Gland

BP:  Pull Switch with base plate

PCA : Addressable Pull Switch

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